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The best 5 ways to decorate your wedding tables with flowers

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Struggling to know how flowers & foliage can decorate your wedding tables? Check out our top 5 ways to make your tables bloomin' beautiful.

1. Keep it simple

The good news is in, less really is more. A splash of green on your trestle tables can create a stunningly simple but beautiful look. Soft Ruscus is making a serious comeback and couples are requesting these garlands for their tables. Eucalyptus and Olive are also popular choices for this style. It looks particularly lovely in barn & country style venues & perfect for weddings with a relaxed vibe. If you are on a budget but want to make it look like you're not- a garland of foliage is perfect for you!

2. Be on trend

Do you know what styles are popular this season? Don't worry because we do! A table skate is bang on trend & the perfect way to dress a long table. The flowers & foliage run along the middle of your table and are arranged into floral foam (which you don't see). These arrangements are perfect for setting the scene at your reception and look fabulous on photos. If you want to wow your guests & be the trend setter these are the perfect arrangements for you.

3. Play it safe

It's one of the most timeless styles & never fails to look good. Flowers arranged into a bowl, vase or container are the most classic style of wedding arrangement. They work well on rounded tables & you could even have a top table arrangement to match! You can't go wrong with an arrangement that is romantic, elegant & everything bridal.

4. Go big

Big & beautiful arrangements are always a firm favourite for weddings. If you love big blooms then this style of arrangement might be just the thing you're looking for. Arrangements are usually placed in large trumpet like vases that stand tall & proud. These arrangements look stunning in grand venues such as castles or stately homes. If your reception room is on the large size we recommend these beauties every time.

5. Accessorize

Who doesn't love a tapered candle? Accessorizing your wedding is massively on trend and the possibilities are endless. By showing off your tables with candles, dried flowers, jars & baskets, you can really create that boho vibe. We love adding extra bits to tables and find that accessories really set the mood & create that wow factor that is both subtle & understated! We also happen to love this splash of autumnal colour- this style is a must have for autumn weddings.

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