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What Colour is Everyone Choosing for 2024 Weddings?

As we step into the busy wedding season of 2024, Pantone has once again chosen the perfect colour trend. This year, they've gone for a summery colour that creates warmth, comfort, and a subtle zest for life—meet "Peach Fuzz." It's a colour that captures the essence of soft sunsets, the sweet fuzz on a ripe peach, and the gentle shades of early morning sunlight. For couples planning their wedding this year, you don't want to miss this!

How to include ''peach fuzz'' in your wedding colour scheme

"Peach Fuzz" is versatile. It's soft enough to be romantic, yet it carries a vibrancy that really stands out.

  1. It's a summery vibe: Use "Peach Fuzz" as the base colour for your summer wedding. It pairs beautifully with soft whites creams & other pastel shades, perfect for a summer's day.

  2. A colour that complements: When used alongside more saturated colors like coral, burgundy, or navy, "Peach Fuzz" offers a pop of lightness that brings a balance to darker & earthier colour palettes.

  3. Keep it rustic: Combine "Peach Fuzz" with earthy tones and greenery for a more rustic vibe. It complements wood textures, metallics, and natural linens, creating a chic, grounded ambiance.

Flowers to choose for "peach fuzz"

  • Juliet Garden Roses: With their soft, peachy tones, these roses are a perfect match. They create romance and sophistication.

  • Peach Peonies: Lush and fragrant, peonies in peach shades add luxury and depth to any arrangement.

  • Dahlias: A large garden flower perfect for a summer wedding. Look for varieties in soft peach tones for a pop of texture and colour.

  • Ranunculus: These delicate flowers come in lovely shades of peach, offering a subtle nod to the "Peach Fuzz".

  • Snapdragons: Available in peachy hues, snapdragons add height and interest to your floral designs.

Complementary colour palettes

While "Peach Fuzz" is stunning on its own, pairing it with complementary colours can elevate your style. Here are a few palettes to consider:

  • Peach Fuzz, pale blue & lemon yellow: For a natural and understated elegance, this combination is timeless. It’s perfect for outdoor or spring weddings.

  • Peach Fuzz, orange, blush pink & lemon yellow: This palette brings a cheerful, whimsical vibe to your wedding, ideal for summer celebrations.

  • Peach Fuzz, navy blue, burgundy & sage green: For a bold yet balanced look, this palette creates a wonderful contrast of earthy tones with lighter hues.

Final thoughts

As you plan your wedding, consider how this delightful hue can play a role. Whether through your floral choices, decor, or invites, "Peach Fuzz" offers a canvas for creativity, elegance, and joy.

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